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Episode 47: The Jet That Blasts Off

Today we discuss how video games are made, how Ezra comes up with songs (including a world premiere of a new song!), and how God makes us and animals. Sponsored by Rayman Legends.

Episode 46: How the World Works

We're back! It's just Z and D this time, talking about how the world works, if it's warm in space, the confusing son, and where we want to travel to next. Sponsored by The World.

Episode 45: The Magical Snap

We're back to talk mostly about PowerPets, magical animals that only my kids can turn into. Also we visit Promontory Point, where Ezra and Zella's mommy and daddy got married ten years ago. Brought to you by PowerPets, of course.

Episode 44: Brown County Hike

We hike through the woods of Brown County, Indiana and discuss trees, caterpillars, beavers, tiny frogs, moss, and turtles. Stay to the end for a short outtake. Sponsored by Butterflies and Nature.

Episode 43: When Old People Are Born

Just Zella and Daddy today. We discuss how stuff gets into space, the big bang, the difference between pre-school and Kindergarten, how animals survive, and the reward for a finished dinner. Thanks to today's sponsor, The World.

Episode 42: Pokémon

We're back! Turns out the only way to get Ezra to make another podcast was to make it all about Pokémon. Which he's just gotten into. Deeply. Brought to you by our sponsor, Pokémon.

Episode 41: The Fortress

We climb inside our pillow fortress for a talk all about fortresses. And Abraham Lincoln.

Episode 40: Brownstone Love

We visit Aunt Lilli and Cousin Rufus in upstate New York. We discuss why some people are funnier than others, how trees fall down, what dogs are thinking, how rocks grow, the difference between fur and hair.

Episode 39: Everchanging Gobstobbers

The eating episode! We weigh and discuss our Halloween take, consider the merits of eating paper and trees, and determine what monsters might eat. Brought to you by Halloween.

Episode 38: The Invisible Skateboarders

We discuss our earliest memories, Joey and his troupe of invisible skateboarders, eyeballs, and what we're going to be for Halloween. Plus a special beatboxing performance by Ezra! Brought to you by Rescue Bots.

Episode 37: On the Train

Today we bring the mic onto the L and talk all about trains — how they go, where they go, how big they are, what color they are, and who takes them. Also we talk about the best animals. Brought to you by: train tracks.

Episode 36: Come Out of Town

We sit around the breakfast table and talk about the difference between babies and kids, how slingshots work, what would happen if people had wings, the magic store, and three-legged animals. Brought to you by breakfast.

Episode 35: First Day of First Grade

Join Ezra on his walk to school on the first day of first grade. We wonder how much a school weighs, the most important things to learn in school, where daddy went to school, and why some cars are parked on the curb. Brought to you by First Grade, naturally.

Episode 34: A Spring Inside Your Brain

Recorded on location at the Morton Arboretum. We talk about hedge mazes, cutting down trees, fairies, the cost of ice cream, and thanks to Alison, where we would go, if we could go anywhere in the world. Brought to you by the Ice Cream Arboretum.

Episode 33: Miller the Caterpillar

Eleanor asks about the most afraid we've ever been. We consider what it'd be like to have a giraffe for a pet, talk about our pet caterpillar, the difference between boy and girl names, and how trains roll down the track. Brought to you by chocolate popsicles.

Episode 32: How a Robot Survives

Our first Kickstarter-supported episode! We cover a lot of robot stuff, like how they survive (thanks Martin!), how they walk, and some good jobs they could do. We also learn about the mythical land of Coolbaba. Brought to you by camping.

Episode 31: Kentucky Adventure

The Weiszes travel to Kentucky and learn all about creeks, caves, stalag…things, barbeques, and the Earth's magnetic field. Brought to you by, naturally, Kentucky.

Episode 30: Why Am I Talking?

Our 30th episode! We cover trees and why they blow in the wind, the last day of Kindergarten, ice cream socials, what we'd name a lizard, how chairs work, and how to talk without talking. Brought to you by a playdate with Sofia.

Episode 29: Dodoplex Plus One

We discuss sword fighting, how wheels move, why bodies move, pokey pins, Candyland in Mexico, hinges, simple machines, very high numbers, and whether we'd chose to be able to fly or be invisible.

Episode 28: Super Mario Galaxy Florida

Cousin River joins us to talk about planets, galaxies, the universe, aliens, Florida, and what Nana wore as a teenager.

Episode 27: Mother's Day 2015

Grammy joins us to talk about her own childhood, her grandparents, the scheduling of holidays, and Ezra's newfound ability to read. Sponsored by the comic book Ninja Slice.

Episode 26: The Weirdo in the Butt

E and D figure out what kind of kid he is, his favorite jobs, how trampolines work, the joys of little league, and why some planets have rings. Sponsored by Wii Super Mario Bros.

Episode 25: A Day at the Farm

Another special episode! This week we're at the Maryland farm of our friends Jonah and Sadie. We talk about building houses, riding ponies, farmwork, LEGOs, and favorite board games. Brought to you by the Minnie the Pony.

Episode 24: Passover 2015

We recorded this week's ZED Show at the Passover table, and invited some friends to join us. We talk about the canonical four questions, why cork is squishy, how glue is made, and how to catch a baseball. Brought to you by the Dollar Store.

Episode 23: What is Science?

Our friend Eleanor joins us for this week's ZED Show. We cover a lot this week, including what happened to Pluto, grandfather clocks, vocational ambitions, lines in your hands, and hibernating bears.

Episode 22: Bucketless Buckethead

We discuss how to make shoes AND how to tie them. Also we get into how computers work, what Daddy does at work, and what to do about a mean girl at school. Brought to you by Ezra's size 13 Skechers.

Episode 21: Ezra's Got a Girlfriend

Ezra talks about his brand-new girlfriend, we try to figure out how string is made, we discuss how animals hop, and end with a few new jokes. Brought to you by Robots on the Line.

Episode 20: A World of Trampolines

We talk about how to build a super suit, how you make a house, belly buttons, and why people live where they live. Brought to you by Doodlebooth, at http://doodlebooth.me.

Episode 19: Nana & Papa

Ezra kicks Daddy off the show this week, takes over hosting duties, and brings on Nana & Papa. They discuss imaginary friends, glassmaking, twins vs twinsies, and how to make paper. Brought to you by the book Beekle.

Episode 18: The Justice Frog

We discuss who our valentines are, how things stick together, high frequency words, the mechanics of cars, and the most adorable mondegreen.

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